We are having a party and YOU’RE invited!

Saturday February 13th, we will be having our first ever Valentine’s themed Pyjama Party at LT Dance Studio! HOURS of Valentine’s Day shenanigans with you’re besties?
Yes Please! Wear your favourite pj’s, bring your coziest blanket and pillow and join us!

We will have Valentine’s treats, crafts, games, dancing and a movie! It is recommended that any Petite age students attend between 5-8pm. Junior through Senior Students may attend from 5-10pm. Don’t be late, you don’t want to miss anything!

We will begin selling tickets Tuesday February 2nd. Tickets are $10. Your ticket purchase will ensure your spot is reserved and will contribute to the costs of the event. You do not have to be a current LT Dance Studio member to attend, bring a friend!

Contact Us if you have any questions! 


School District 79 is still in session. There is snow but it is expected to turn to rain through the day. As of now there WILL be classes this afternoon. If anything changes we will post another update. ❄️



We are setting a studio wide goal challenge to kick off 2016! Set a goal to complete by FEBRUARY 29TH 2016. Your goal can be anything you want to work on! Some students just want to reach their toes, some want to achieve their splits or nail that triple turn! No matter how big or small, setting goals is important if you want to improve season to season.

To help keep you on track, we have made these printable LT Dance Studio Calendars. Put it up somewhere you have to see it EVERY DAY. Put a check mark on every day that you took steps to achieving your goal.  Cover these calendars in check marks and be proud knowing you are working toward something important to you!

Don’t do it alone! Involve your friends and family, work together and hold each other accountable! Looking forward to hearing everyone’s goals as we come back to class this week!!

january 2016 motivational calendar imagefebruary 2016 motivational calendar