It’s that time!
💥BRING A FRIEND WEEK is upon us‼️💥
October (17th-20th) + (23rd-27th)

(Read to the end) What you need to know:

• Dancers may invite one friend to join them in their dance class this week. If dancers are enrolled in several classes they may choose to bring the same friend to all of their different classes or they may invite a different friend to each class 👯

• The friend you invite must be an appropriate age for your class (Ex: do not invite a 3 year old to a 6-8 year old class)👶🚫👴

• All LTD Dancers may trial all LTD class available in their level (Petite, Junior, Intermediate) 🤸‍♀️

• If you are an LTD Dancer trialling a new class, you are coming AS a friend. You may not bring a friend to a class that is not your regular class 💃

•If you bring a friend to your class, you AND your friend will get a ticket to enter your names in a draw for your chance to win a prize (Great prizes include studio gift cards, shopping gift cards, restaurant gift cards, free dance wear and more)🎟🚨💥

•If you are an LTD Dancer that is trialling a new class, you will receive a ticket to enter your name in the draw (multiple winners will be selected) THE MORE CLASSES YOU TRY THE MORE TICKETS YOU GET🎟🎟🎟

•Be brave and try something new! This opportunity only happens once a year, the room will be full of other students who are stepping out of their comfort zone, you’re not alone! Have fun!😜

• Be patient 🙏There will be a lot of energy bouncing around the studio walls and there is bound to be joyful chaos 🌪☀️

•Everything is better together! If your friend enjoys your class, encourage them to register! If your friend registers and pays for classes, you get to spin the wheel for an automatic prize! 🚨🎉💎

• Last but not least SNAPCHAT‼️📸👻 We have made a custom Snapchat filter to celebrate the week with our LTD FAMILYMake the most of it :)

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