The Shawnigan Focus Team produced a special edition in May with the theme – how is Covid affecting Shawnigan? They have included PAGES of stories from local businesses, community organizations and families sharing how we are all getting through this together.

We encourage you to take some time to read through the incredible stories. You can find an inclusion from our Studio Director, Bonnie Cuthbertson, on page four of the paper or see the text copy-pasted and detailed below.

The image you see here highlights some of the brave, committed, smiling faces we are so fortunate to connect with through this pandemic. This dance family inspires us week after week to persevere and continue our programs. We ARE in this together!

Social Dis-DANCE-ing is in full swing for LT Dance Studio students and families!

“Move the couch, put away the video games, get your kids into their dance attire and get ready for online learning!” – the start of a new era in dance education.

On Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 we received the news – schools and businesses would need to close. Without hesitation, our team rapidly pulled together to deliver an exceptional online learning platform. Students ranging in ages from toddlers to adults began their first week of virtual dance classes Tuesday March 24th, 2020.

We could have never predicted that we would “return” from March Break through only a screen. Yet, here we are and we’re making the most of it! The level of support we have experienced from our LTD Families over the last seven weeks has been remarkable. We have received many heartwarming messages of gratitude and appreciation for our abundant efforts to continue our programs.

Our students sign-in week after week, enthusiastic and ready to not only learn, but connect with their peers and share their passions. We have met their pets and danced with their siblings, used cans of soup and stinky socks for props, we have tackled technique and explored new choreography, enjoyed games that keep our spirits high and shared heart-warming conversations that inspire us to continue. We have celebrated Earth Day and International Dance Day and we are now navigating how to recognize them with a year-end performance and celebration.

We are resilient through this diversity thanks to the incredible commitment of our faculty and the vigorous support and encouragement from our students and their families. We have greeted this opportunity to exercise our mettle and encourage our students to do the same.

With hearts in our windows and painted rocks in our garden, we send our hope, love and support out to our communities. We are in this together.”

Living To, Loving To, Learning To Dance,
~Bonnie Cuthbertson