It is of the utmost importance for us here at LT Dance Studio to create a safe and accepting environment for all of our dancers to express themselves creatively.

We would like to share some insightful knowledge by black leaders from the Canadian Dance Industry to honour this.

Please note that these are RAW and AUTHENTIC discussions.

Please follow this link to access the videos.

Video 1: introductions/history of hip hop and why hip hop is black culture.
Video 2: guest in hip hop culture and the USA aspect
Video 3: Racism, systemic racism, discrimination in the dance community, dance competitions, and dance studios.
Video 4: THE CALL OUTS: what can each dance community do across Canada (BC, ALBERTA, ON, QB)
Video 5: Black women in the dance community and what they have to deal with? What can people who are guest in hip hop do to uplift black culture? Questions and answers.