Pandemic-Proof Covid-19 Contingency Strategy

We are honoured to serve the needs of our LT Dance studio families. Offering, and registering for, dance classes is a commitment that we take seriously. With so much uncertainty in the months ahead, we want to be transparent and share with you our PANDEMIC-PROOF contingency plans!

It is of the utmost importance that students and staff refrain from attending the studio if they are feeling unwell, or in the event that they need to self-isolate due to Covid-19 exposure. Due to the heightened cautions, we anticipate an increase in student-absences during our in-studio classes.

In order to support everyone in staying home when unwell, we are prepared to implement a hybrid business model utilizing both in-studio and virtual classes, programs and events.

What does this mean? There are many ways we can implement a hybrid model, we have detailed some possible scenarios below:

1) We are prepared to provide a live zoom call during our in-studio classes so that students who are at home sick, or self-isolating, can still participate in their classes and not fall behind. This is becoming a standard practice in our industry.

2) We may utilize pre-recorded digital dance classes and send them out to students if their class has to be cancelled due to an instructor illness, or to assist a student in catching-up if they have several absences.

3) Our well-rounded faculty are prepared to fill-in and provide quality instruction for classes outside of their regular schedule in order to support other teachers who need to take a sick day or self-isolate.

4) We are planning specialty workshops that can be held in-person, or virtually, as an added value to our regular programs. Students will pay a fee to participate. As part of our contingency plans, we may be able to offer free access to a workshop, for applicable students, to compensate for a class that was cancelled due to an unexpected studio closure

5) If we must further reduce the number of students allowed in our space, to accommodate more strict physical distancing measures, our classes could be split into two groups (Group A & Group B) that would alternate weeks attending classes in-studio and virtually on zoom.

We have every intention of operating our classes in-studio throughout our season and will be preparing for in-person performances and celebrations. As we have come to realize already, sometimes it’s best to have a back-up-plan! If we are required to close our studio doors for an extended duration of time, we will uphold our commitment to offer our programs and will continue virtually. We will not reduce class fees if we have to switch to virtual classes. We did so last season as a compassionate measure to support families through the unexpected interruption. We are now aware that we could experience interruptions and you are committing to our programs knowingly. We will be adhering to our regular policies with regards to withdrawals, late payments, no-refunds and no-credits.

We are in it for long hall and together we will thrive!