Exciting news! Our friend and former faculty member, AJ MegaMan, will be visiting us throughout our upcoming season to host specialty Street Dance workshops and programs!  He is an industry leader in Street Dance styles and specializes in Animation and Popping. You may have seen some of his choreography and students on recent seasons of NBC’s World Of Dance. 

AJ is running a private online program that we would like to recommend as a beneficial add-on to your dance training. It is an 8-week online Popping and Animation program that begins September 1, 2020. Please find a message from him along with access to the program below.

” Hey everyone. It’s AJ MegaMan! I’m here to tell you about my online popping and animation two month program called Reality Check. This is a program that is meant for those who want to better themselves in the styles of popping and animation, and for those who come from all areas of dance, and ages! All the videos are at your own pace!

How the program works is as followed: I’ll be posting 12-15 minute video tutorials for the course on a Monday with tasks to complete, & you’ll have until Wednesday to finish them. Then I’ll post another 12-15 minute video on a Thursday, and you’ll have until Saturday to complete the tasks in the video. Once that is finished, on Sunday, we will do a live video chat with everyone & we’d talk about how the week went & discuss any questions the dancers have based on the classes. 

Also for those who do sign up and are interested, during this fall semester of dance, I’ll be also coming into LT Dance Studios to teach. It will also be geared to any of you who sign up for the program. It will be more in depth and give you a better understanding of what you’re learning from the online program.”

If you would like more information on the course you can select the button below.