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“Make It Happen -5, 6, 7, 8!”

Hip Hop is a constantly evolving genre with a solid foundation. The Hip Hop classes offered at LTD are influenced by the original origins of Hip Hop culture as well as new and current industry dance styles.  LTD Hip Hop classes always start with an aggressive warm up, followed by grooving, lead by the instructor. Style break downs and intricate choreography are fundamental in our Hip Hop classes. Group choreography is occasionally assigned in class, as an opportunity for students to express and build on their individual, unique styles. Exploration of different Hip Hop genres is strongly encouraged and promoted at LT Dance Studio


HAIR: Hair may be styled as desired but must not interfere with dancers’ focus. If it becomes an issue, your instructor will request that it be tied back. 

UNIFORM: Loose fitting clothes are suggested for Hip Hop classes. Shorts are okay, though we ask that you bring pants to each class (as you may be expected to execute choreography incorporating floor work on your knees). 

Hip Hop attire is very flexible at LTD. We are mostly concerned whether or not our students can move freely without clothing restrictions. Denim pants/jeans are not invited to any classes at LTD, including Hip Hop. Track pants, t-shirts and hoodies are common go to items for Hip Hop classes.

FOOTWEAR: Most tie-up shoes are appropriate footwear for our Hip Hop classes. Please do NOT wear “Street Jazz” shoes. Clean, black running shoes will be required for all performing students (including year end recital).