DSC_0297Lyrical is often considered a sub-category dance style. It’s inspiring movements combine elements of Ballet, Jazz  and Contemporary Modern dance. Lyrical training maintains aspects of free movement combined with disciplined techniques.  This expressive, often emotional dance genre has a self explanatory title, ‘Lyrical’ movements are often cued by a song’s lyrics and phrases.


HAIR: No matter the style, hair must be tied back and free from distraction.

UNIFORM: Black body suits are the required Lyrical attire.
Similar to our ballet guidelines, we understand that all of our dancers come jazz shoesin different shapes and sizes; with that in mind we do not ask that all dancers conform to the exact same style of body suit. Black body suits must be worn, with any chosen sleeve length best suited for the comfort of each dancer. 

Tan or skin-tone tights must accompany your black body suit for. A black wrap-style dance skirt or black spandex shorts may also be worn.

Boys may wear a white fitted t-shirt accompanied by black fitted pants, leggings or shorts.

FOOTWEAR: Black leather laceless Jazz shoes are required. Foot undies may also be required for dancers in Intermediate and Senior levels.