Our performing classes compete and/or perform at major dance festivals and special events throughout Vancouver Island. Being a part of a performance team takes a certain level of commitment, dedication and performance training. All performing students are required to provide a commitment to their rehearsals and their team. This commitment ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to be involved with a team that is reliable, as well as the reassurance that their group members’ share in their dedication. Performing students, and their parents, are required to complete a commitment agreement at the beginning of the dance season. Students who miss more than two classes will lose their performance privileges. No exceptions.

At LTD we believe that offering opportunities for competitions and performances is a key component in keeping students motivated and eager to grow. We are constantly sourcing out local and regional events that will provide a unique experience for our dancers. Though every class has the potential to perform at festivals and events, Crew classes are the only classes guaranteed performance/competition opportunities. Crew enrollment is by invitation or audition only.

Performing students will participate in a minimum “Performance Package” for their dance genre. The performance Packages are listed below:

HIP HOP Crew Requirements:
Crew Class $50/m
Stretch & Strength $50/m
“Grooves & Tech” $45/m ($50 – 10%)
Total: $145/m

 Performing Solos, Duets & Trios

Solos, duos & trios are available to experienced dancers. These performance numbers are a privilege that require commitment, dedication, performance training and self-discipline. .

For inquiries & pricing please email