dance classStretch & Strength is an essential class for students who wish to dance at a competitive level. It allows students an opportunity to enhance their flexibility, strength and endurance. The exercises that are executed in this class are tailored to benefit dancers. Keep in mind, “You get out what you put in.” This class can be as easy or as difficult as you allow it to be.


HAIR: Hair may be styled as desired but must not interfere with dancers’ focus. If it becomes an issue, your instructor will request that it be tied back.

Stretch & Strength attire is very flexible. We are mostly concerned whether or not our students can move freely without clothing restrictions. Denim pants/jeans are not invited to any classes at LTD. Any basic active wear is generally suitable for Stretch & Strength.

FOOTWEAR: Students may choose to wear any form of dance shoe or athletic shoe. Participating barefoot is also acceptable.