woman stretching wearing black bra and pants

Yoga for Dancers is designed to help dancers become stronger, more flexible and have more control of their movements. This class will give students the opportunity to work on their strength and flexibility in a controlled and deliberate manner. Another benefit of yoga is bringing awareness to your breath to increase efficiency of movements in dance. Spending time on the mat allows dancers to connect with their mind and body, increasing bodily awareness, reflection and self confidence. Regardless if you’re brand new to yoga, or have been practicing every day, this class will focus on personal challenge and growth, so there’s room for everyone.


HAIR: No matter the style, hair must be worn tied back and free from distraction.

UNIFORM: Basic dance clothing is suitable. An appropriate alternative would be pants, shorts and shirts specifically made for yoga. Make sure clothing will stay in place when going upside down. No baggy clothing.

FOOTWEAR: Dancers will participate barefoot for this class.