LT Dance Studio is a thriving community of students, families and passionate
instructors. We are committed to offering quality, uplifting programs for students of all
ages. Our programs maintain a high caliber curriculum with a strong focus on
community, inclusivity, respect, etiquette and positive-instruction. No matter your age or
experience LT Dance Studio will offer the support you need to achieve your movement
aspirations. Our experienced instructors and unpretentious environment make LT
Dance Studio an easy choice. “Whether you live to dance, love to dance or simply wish
to learn to dance, our qualified instructors have the commitment, drive and experience
necessary to ensure you achieve your goals.”

We are committed to providing quality dance instruction
We are passionate about cultivating a supportive community aka Dance Family
We care about our students’ success
We love diversity and individuality
We embrace dancers of all ages and abilities
We stand for acceptance and inclusion
We prioritize the safety and comfort of our students and their families
We promise to uphold our commitment to you
We value you, our supportive community!