Welcome to Season 8!

Season 8 at LT Dance Studio has begun!

We had such a successful and exciting first week at our programs and we are so happy to have the positive energy of our students and instructors filling the studios.

Many of our classes are full with waiting lists. We will be opening new classes in the coming weeks to accommodate this. It’s not too late to register for our programs! Select the button below to join a class or add yourself to the waiting list so you will be the first to know when new classes open up.

Class Highlight: JAZZ

At LT Dance Studio, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of dance genres to suit any dancer. This week we are highlighting JAZZ!

Offered to students of all ages, LT Dance Studio’s Jazz curriculum maintains a high standard through implementing the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) Syllabus in a supportive class environment.

Students develop strong, traditional Jazz technique alongside choreography that encompasses Street Jazz, Commercial Jazz and Jazz funk. Elements of Acro dance may be integrated.

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Yoga For Dancers is designed to help dancers become stronger, more flexible and have more control of their movements. This class will give students the opportunity to work on their strength and flexibility in a controlled and deliberate manner. Another benefit of yoga is bringing awareness to your breath to increase efficiency of movements in dance. Spending time on the mat allows dancers to connect with their mind and body, increasing bodily awareness, reflections and self confidence. Regardless if you’re brand new to yoga, or have been practicing every day, this class will focus on personal challenge and growth, so there’s room for everyone. This class is designed for students aged 10-18, so grab your mat and select the button below to join the fun!


Exciting news! Our friend and former faculty member, AJ MegaMan, will be visiting us throughout our upcoming season to host specialty Street Dance workshops and programs!  He is an industry leader in Street Dance styles and specializes in Animation and Popping. You may have seen some of his choreography and students on recent seasons of NBC’s World Of Dance. 

AJ is running a private online program that we would like to recommend as a beneficial add-on to your dance training. It is an 8-week online Popping and Animation program that begins September 1, 2020. Please find a message from him along with access to the program below.

” Hey everyone. It’s AJ MegaMan! I’m here to tell you about my online popping and animation two month program called Reality Check. This is a program that is meant for those who want to better themselves in the styles of popping and animation, and for those who come from all areas of dance, and ages! All the videos are at your own pace!

How the program works is as followed: I’ll be posting 12-15 minute video tutorials for the course on a Monday with tasks to complete, & you’ll have until Wednesday to finish them. Then I’ll post another 12-15 minute video on a Thursday, and you’ll have until Saturday to complete the tasks in the video. Once that is finished, on Sunday, we will do a live video chat with everyone & we’d talk about how the week went & discuss any questions the dancers have based on the classes. 

Also for those who do sign up and are interested, during this fall semester of dance, I’ll be also coming into LT Dance Studios to teach. It will also be geared to any of you who sign up for the program. It will be more in depth and give you a better understanding of what you’re learning from the online program.”

If you would like more information on the course you can select the button below.

Pandemic-Proof Covid-19 Contingency Strategy

We are honoured to serve the needs of our LT Dance studio families. Offering, and registering for, dance classes is a commitment that we take seriously. With so much uncertainty in the months ahead, we want to be transparent and share with you our PANDEMIC-PROOF contingency plans!

It is of the utmost importance that students and staff refrain from attending the studio if they are feeling unwell, or in the event that they need to self-isolate due to Covid-19 exposure. Due to the heightened cautions, we anticipate an increase in student-absences during our in-studio classes.

In order to support everyone in staying home when unwell, we are prepared to implement a hybrid business model utilizing both in-studio and virtual classes, programs and events.

What does this mean? There are many ways we can implement a hybrid model, we have detailed some possible scenarios below:

1) We are prepared to provide a live zoom call during our in-studio classes so that students who are at home sick, or self-isolating, can still participate in their classes and not fall behind. This is becoming a standard practice in our industry.

2) We may utilize pre-recorded digital dance classes and send them out to students if their class has to be cancelled due to an instructor illness, or to assist a student in catching-up if they have several absences.

3) Our well-rounded faculty are prepared to fill-in and provide quality instruction for classes outside of their regular schedule in order to support other teachers who need to take a sick day or self-isolate.

4) We are planning specialty workshops that can be held in-person, or virtually, as an added value to our regular programs. Students will pay a fee to participate. As part of our contingency plans, we may be able to offer free access to a workshop, for applicable students, to compensate for a class that was cancelled due to an unexpected studio closure

5) If we must further reduce the number of students allowed in our space, to accommodate more strict physical distancing measures, our classes could be split into two groups (Group A & Group B) that would alternate weeks attending classes in-studio and virtually on zoom.

We have every intention of operating our classes in-studio throughout our season and will be preparing for in-person performances and celebrations. As we have come to realize already, sometimes it’s best to have a back-up-plan! If we are required to close our studio doors for an extended duration of time, we will uphold our commitment to offer our programs and will continue virtually. We will not reduce class fees if we have to switch to virtual classes. We did so last season as a compassionate measure to support families through the unexpected interruption. We are now aware that we could experience interruptions and you are committing to our programs knowingly. We will be adhering to our regular policies with regards to withdrawals, late payments, no-refunds and no-credits.

We are in it for long hall and together we will thrive!


It is of the utmost importance for us here at LT Dance Studio to create a safe and accepting environment for all of our dancers to express themselves creatively.

We would like to share some insightful knowledge by black leaders from the Canadian Dance Industry to honour this.

Please note that these are RAW and AUTHENTIC discussions.

Please follow this link to access the videos.

Video 1: introductions/history of hip hop and why hip hop is black culture.
Video 2: guest in hip hop culture and the USA aspect
Video 3: Racism, systemic racism, discrimination in the dance community, dance competitions, and dance studios.
Video 4: THE CALL OUTS: what can each dance community do across Canada (BC, ALBERTA, ON, QB)
Video 5: Black women in the dance community and what they have to deal with? What can people who are guest in hip hop do to uplift black culture? Questions and answers.


As many of you know, CLI Studios is an online platform that offers quality classes to aspiring dancers and teachers all over the globe. You are able to access it as an exclusive member if you dance with us here at LTD!

CLI Studios has just begun their 2020 Dance Experience, an eight-week online dance intensive with 50+ world-renowned choreographers and 5+ days a week of LIVE Classes, performances, showcases, and more.

This is a wonderful opportunity to keep dancing through the summer and learn from some truly fabulous professional dancers.

We want our dancers to have access to this amazing experience and continue to grow as creatives so we are offering it to all of our Season 7 2019/2020 students free of charge. With full access all of the classes and events that they offer for free, we are waiving the regular fee of $99 USD.

Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested in participating. We hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Please follow the button below to log into CLI STUDIOS or create an exclusive account.


We did it!!

Together, we have persevered beyond all obstacles and are now greeting the end of this unique dance season with a huge sense of accomplishment.

It is with thanks to the dedication of our students, families and faculty that this has been possible.

You are all rockstars!!

It is my belief that hard work, dedication, progress and effort should be celebrated and recognized. Our team has been trying to wrap our heads around how to make that possible for our students. I am thrilled to share our plans.

As you know, pre Covid, this week would have been our final week of classes. We would have celebrated with our year-end recital this Sunday, June 21st at the Cowichan Theatre.

But since that can’t happen, here’s the plan!

In lieu of our recital, we will be extending our dance season in to next week (Tuesday June 23, 2020 – Friday June 26, 2020) and will be welcoming registered students to join us for in-studio classes. Students can wear their costumes, put on performance makeup and join their teachers and classmates for a final week of in-studio classes and celebration. We will take videos of them dancing and pictures to capture the memories. Students will receive the same awards and recognitions that they would have received on stage at recital.

At the end of the week, we will begin putting together video clips and pictures from the ENTIRE season to produce a “Recital Video”.

We want this celebration to be inclusive for all dancers and families. We understand that not every student is inclined to participate in in-studio classes at this time. Or perhaps some may already have plans for next week that won’t allow them to be present. It is our hope that those students will take a home-video and/or photos and send them to us to be included in the Recital Video. You can make it fun and decorate a space at home to use as a backdrop or go outside in a garden with the sunshine. Whatever brings you joy!

There really is no one-fits-all solution but we hope that this final week of celebration, and the highlights of a Recital video, will act as a beautiful bow wrapping up the end of our season.

There is a lot of information and many procedures to unpack in order to host in-studio classes. We will be sending out communication on Monday laying out the details for the week ahead. Please anticipate beginning classes at your regular class time but completing classes fifteen minutes early. Ms. Erika’s classes that are usually held at the Shawnigan Lake Community Centre will be moved to a different time and/or day. We will send a separate email to those classes directly.

We have been discussing the possibility of this plan with various students and parents during the last couple weeks of zoom classes. This has been a great sounding board so that we can anticipate some common questions and address them promptly. I have detailed some frequently asked questions and answer below.

Q: Due to the Covid interruption, my child did not receive a dance costume. What should they wear for their in-studio class / home-video?

A: They should wear their regular class attire with stage hair and makeup. If they are in hip hop and don’t have regular attire, they can wear whatever makes them feel special unless otherwise directed by their teacher during their final zoom call.  An LT Dance Studio merchandise tshirt or hoodie would be a great option too. Also, please note, any students who did not receive a costume will have a credit applied to their account towards next season.

Q: Will there be zoom meetings next week during the in-studio classes, for those who can’t attend in person?

A: No. There will be no zoom classes next week.

Q: Will parents be able to come in to the studio?

A: No. There will be social-distance measures in place and occupancy restrictions in order to meet opening requirements.

Q: Will you accept cards or gifts for teachers?


Q: Will you be having a lake jump like every other year?

A: It’s possible! We know the lake jump is an important symbolic tradition for many of our dancers who have been with us in previous years. We are going to focus on in-studio classes right now and will send out an invitation if we can make the Lake Jump a possibility in the next week or weekend.