Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What should I wear to class?

A: We have attire recommendations detailed on each class description page. This information can be found by selecting any of the drop-down menu options under the CLASSES & ATTIRE heading on our website.

Q: Which taxes apply to dance classes? Can I claim my child’s class fees on my tax return?

A: Almost ALL legitimate business services in British Columbia must charge GST, dance classes are no exception. The rate of GST on services in British Columbia is 5% as of April 1st, 2013. However, the Government has introduced the “Children’s Arts Tax Credit” which allows parents to claim up to $500 per child, on their tax return. At LTD all of our programs are a minimum of 8 weeks in duration, solely for this purpose (Anything less than 8 weeks may not be claimed). Please select “TAX INFO” for further information regarding which services do and do not need to be charged GST and/or PST.

Q: Does LTD offer competitive classes?

A: Yes. At LTD we believe that offering opportunities for competitions and performances is a key component in keeping students motivated and eager to grow. We are constantly sourcing out local and regional events that will provide a unique experience for our dancers.

Q: Can I register at any point in the year?

A: Please do! Late entries are always welcome, though students that enroll mid-year may miss out on potential performance opportunities. However, if you are able to join a class, work hard and demonstrate your understanding of technique and choreography, anything is possible! All classes are based on age and ability; if you want to dance we will find the class best suited for you. We offer one free trial class to all potential new-students, who would like to see what level feels right for them. It is important that our students enjoy their dancing environment, artistically as well as socially.

Q: Can I watch my child’s rehearsals?

A: Due to the spacing in our studio, we do not often invite parents to sit-in on classes and rehearsals. It has also been demonstrated that having parents in the room can be distracting for the students. Our Little Tots may occasionally need assistance and guidance from their parents, there for depending on the child’s independence, parents may be invited to sit-in on the occasional Little Tots class.